Vi behandler alle vores kunder og fotografers personlige oplysninger med største sikkerhed. Nedenfor beskriver vi hvordan dine oplysninger bliver behandlet

As a result of the introduction of GDPR, there are some changes and stricter rules for the management of personal data. Therefore, we want to explain the changes we have made and make it even easier for you to see how we handle your personal information.

Vi er meget forsigtige med hvordan, hvor, hvorfor og hvor længe vi sparer dine personlige informationer. Du kan læse mere om hvordan vi behandler personlig information i afsnittet

Hvis du har flere spørgsmål eller funderinger vær venlig at kontakte os på

For you, the buyer

Mostphotos is the personal data controller of all the information you upload with a buyer account using our service '’ ''. Therefore, no Data Processing Agreement is required for you as a customer.

An image with an identifiable person is a form of personal data. This means that we collect and handle these with the highest level of security. When you, the customer, have downloaded such an image from we are unable to control how you handle this particular image (personal data), and you are responsible for managing the images in a protected way in such a method that ensures that unauthorized people are not certified access to the images/personal data. You are also responsible for using the images according to their licenses correctly.

Hvis du vil vide mere omkring rettigheder og forbrug, kan du læse mere omkring dette i vores brugeraftale . Hvis du vil modtage tips eller konsulation omkring hvordan i skal behandle billederne inde for din organisation, vær venlig at kontakte os på

For you, the contributor

Images and model releases are personal data. As a photographer you are the personal data controller of all the images you upload on our service Additionally, you are responsible for uploading images that are in your ownership when using your service You must always have a valid model or property release when uploading images where they are required. It is also important that you choose the right user license for the images: commercial license or editorial license. You can read more about our licenses here. Mostphotos will act as a Personal Data Processor in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement which is included in the User Agreement.

To simplify and certify this, we have systems in place to ensure the quality of the images, the model releases and that you, the photographer own the right to publish and sell the user rights of your images through our service. This is to minimize the risk for both our photographers and customers. If you, as a photographer, should intentionally violate these policies you have committed a breach of contract and are solely responsible for possible damages the breach of contract brings upon Mostphotos and/or our customers.

Du kan læse mere om rettigheder og brug i vores brugeraftale om dettepage.

Hvordan vi behandler dine personlige oplysninger

Below you will find information about what personal data we process about you, why we do it, where it came from, who is involved, and how it is used.

Just select the data subject category you belong to in the menu below.